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What is a High Sheriff?

High Sheriff crest

The role of High Sheriff is an honour that dates back more than 1,000 years. The High Sheriff is the Crown’s judicial representative in the county, linking the community with those responsible for keeping law and order. This includes agencies, with a focus on emergency services, crime prevention and the voluntary sector.

In brief, High Sheriffs play a prominent role in county and community life. Officially, they attend Royal visits with the Lord Lieutenant. They provide hospitality to High Court Judges and work to promote a safer community by supporting law and order. The High Sheriff promotes the valuable work of local charities, with special focus on those working with the most vulnerable, and celebrates local heroes. The High Sheriff acts as the Returning Officer for parliamentary elections and is responsible for the proclamation of the accession of a new Sovereign. 

As can be assumed, the role of High Sheriff is a position that is rich in tradition. Without detailing the full history of the role, that of today’s High Sheriff is predominantly ceremonial but at the same time has the luxury of being able to raise funds to support those in need – primarily in our county of Cumbria.

The term of office for a High Sheriff is for one year. The appointment is non-political and unpaid. The 55 High Sheriffs in England and Wales (during any year) self-fund all their own expenses and/or get sponsors to assist in the production and financing of activities.

Marcia’s Mission:  Celebrate Cumbria

Her Vision:

As High Sheriff, she aims to:

  • Encourage Cumbrian leaders and the Cumbria business community to provide advisory and financial support as she develops and delivers activities across our county.
  • Raise awareness in our county about the role and impact of the High Sheriff.
  • Participate and interact with Cumbrians – individuals, schools, agencies and festivals.
  • Involve others to help to celebrate the richness and diversity of Cumbria.
  • Showcase our county to those who live in our community by encouraging participation in countywide events.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusivity (young, old, less than able, people of difference).
  • Encourage community involvement to build county strength and county spirit.
  • Celebrate the arts – by bringing events with music and art as a focus.
  • Recognise the exceptional work going on in our county and encourage Cumbrians and those who live in Cumbria to maximize their potential by helping others.
  • Identify, acknowledge and celebrate local heroes.

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