Marcia Reid Fotheringham, former High Sheriff of Cumbria 2019/20

Marcia took up the role of High Sheriff of Cumbria on Thursday 28th March 2019 and handed over to Mrs Julie Barton on 21st March 2020. As her year in office ends, Marcia looks back over the last twelve months:

“As I reflect on my year, I have to thank all of Cumbria for helping me to achieve success. My theme and intention was to ‘Celebrate Cumbria!’ As a result of so many individuals, charities and organisations working together, we have done, I believe, exactly that! I am extremely proud of Cumbria; proud and impressed by those who I met and spent time with; and I hope I can also be proud of my year! It has been such an honour to serve Cumbria as High Sheriff, an amazing, exciting year which has left me with wonderful memories to cherish.

“Jim and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!” 

Across England and Wales, throughout history, there have been just two black people appointed as High Sheriffs. (Mr Nathaniel Wells, Monmouthshire 1818 and Mrs Peaches Golding, Bristol 2010.)

Marcia is the third.

She says: “For this county to identify a black woman as its High Sheriff is an incredible demonstration of Cumbria’s willingness and desire to acknowledge and celebrate diversity.

“As High Sheriff, in return, I intend to ensure that my year will be a most memorable one for the entire community of Cumbria.”


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